Taj Smith Roughriders Receiver June 12, 2014

Taj Smith, outside provincial court in Regina June 12, 2014 following his preliminary hearing on an assault charge. (CBC)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Thursday night at Investor’s Group Field, but Taj Smith will not be in the line up.

CBC News has confirmed that Smith breached the terms of his release by going to a strip club in Gatineau, Que. while the team was in Ottawa.

According to local police, Smith was caught on Sunday when the vehicle he was in was pulled over as it left the club.

“Mr. Smith-Wilson was very polite,” said Const. Pierre Lanthier of the Gatineau Police. “He cooperated with (the) police officer. He gave him his name and also his identity. They realized that he was under certain conditions - that one of them was not to be inside a bar.”

The crown prosecutor on Smith’s case in Regina confirmed he had been released on $2,000 bail in a Gatineau courtroom on Tuesday.

Smith is now also subject to further release conditions including alcohol testing and keeping a copy of his release conditions on him when he’s out.

Smith was arrested last year for allegedly assaulting a man outside of a nightclub in Regina. No trial date has been set in the case, but it will be heard by a judge and jury.