Saskatchewan Roughrider wide receiver Taj Smith has been charged with violating a condition of his release.

According to the Canadian Press, the Saskatchewan Roughriders say Smith is accused of being in a bar in Ottawa, which is a breach of his conditions.

The crown prosecutor in Smith's case in Regina confirmed to CBC Smith was released on $2,000 bail in a Gatineau, QC courtroom Tuesday.

He also confirmed Smith has been ordered to meet new conditions including alcohol testing and having a copy of his release conditions on him when he goes out.

Smith will not play for the Roughriders in this Thursday's game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

In August last year, Smith was charged with allegedly assaulting a man outside a Regina nightclub. Defensive back Dwight Anderson was also charged.

Smith was ordered to stand trial by a judge in June, however Anderson was not ordered to stand trial. The judge said there was not enough evidence to proceed in his case.

Smith's next court date for this most recent incident is set for October 6 in Gatineau.