Saskatchewan flood officials are warning that areas in the city of Swift Current are likely to be flooded as springtime meltwater raises the level of the Swift Current Creek.

The level of the creek is expected to rise and the speed of its water will increase significantly by Monday morning and even more by Monday evening, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority said Sunday.

The level could approach that of 1997, when major flooding drenched areas all over the province’s southwest region.

"The flow of water is probably going to be similar to '97 but the height of the water, probably not as high because it doesn't have ice in the way, so it's moving through more efficiently," said Dale Hjertaas, the authority’s executive director of policy and communications.

Officials warned a lot of snow remains unmelted and the potential exists for further increases to the creek’s level. The water’s pace will also ramp up, the authority said.

A local reservoir has been lowered to accommodate the water, but it is fast filling up, officials said. As the water rushes out of the reservoir it increases the flow of the creek.

"Rural and urban residents are reminded to stay away from fast-moving water and to take necessary preparations to protect themselves and their property," said Clinton Molde, a spokesman for the authority.

Flood assistance will come from the City of Swift Current and the provincial department of corrections, public safety and policing, Molde added.

Swift Current is 245 kilometres west of Regina.