A member of Prince Albert's SWAT team takes up a position on the deck of a home in that city. ((Submitted by Cedar Fourstar))

Police in Prince Albert are saying little about their deployment of heavily armed members of their SWAT team in a quiet neighbourhood Thursday afternoon, although the matter ended peacefully.

While it was not clear what the focus of police attention was, the area is near where a homicide was reported earlier in the day.

Police said the body of a 35-year-old man was found in a home in the East Flat neighbourhood in the northeast part of the city.


A SWAT team member is set up on the roof of a house in Prince Albert. ((Submitted by Cedar Fourstar))

The arrival of the SWAT team surprised Cedar Fourstar, who learned of the activity when officers asked to use his house for some of their members.

Fourstar, who lives on the 300 block of 8th Street East, learned that officers wanted to use his deck and the roof of his house.

"I said, 'Yeah'," Fourstar told CBC News later in the day. "Actually, I don't think I had much of a choice, actually. I let him go up there and he set up."

Within moments, Fourstar said the street was blocked off and there were many more officers in the area.

"I saw a couple of police officers running around the back alleys," Fourstar said. "There was two SWAT members, I guess they were SWAT, hiding behind the garage in the back alley here."


Police are saying little about Thursday afternoon's SWAT team deployment. ((Submitted by Cedar Fourstar))

Witnesses told CBC News that the drama ended later in the afternoon when police seemed to have two people in custody from one of the homes in the area.

Fourstar says all the action is unusual for the neighbourhood.

"It's actually a very nice neighbourhood," he said. "Not a whole lot really exciting happens around here. So that's why this is quite the little ordeal."

As of Thursday evening, police had not released any information about the incident.