Despite being suspended from practicing medicine, a Regina doctor is still seeing patients.

According to complaints filed against him, Dr. Amjad Ali asked two patients to be his lover, kissing one of them.

He is working today at the Northgate Medi-Clinic, where he has practised family medicine since 2006.

Ali told CBC News he's not currently being paid, which means he's not actually practicing.

He also said the College of Physicans and Surgeons of Saskatchwan allows it and is aware of what he's doing.

A spokesman for the College says it's not happy about it, although it concedes he's not breaking the rules.

"The way that the legislation reads, from my opinion, at least, is that anyone can diagnose and treat, as long as they are not charging money for it, and not calling themselves doctor as they do it," College spokesman Bryan Salte said.

Salte said the College has done all it can. Ali is barred from handing out prescriptions.

The Saskatchewan government says Ali should stop seeing patients immediately.

"Through our conversations with the College today and going forward, as early as Monday we will need to ensure that if legislative amendments are required, we'll explore those," said Brad Havervold, the executive director of the Ministry of Health's workforce planning branch.

"That being said, we believe there are other sections [of the law] that allow this to be stopped today."

Ali, meanwhile, says he's being upfront with the people who see him, letting them know he has been suspended.

Disciplinary matters against Ali are expected to be concluded in June.