In what could be another case of road rage, Saskatoon police are searching for suspects after a motorist was beaten at a stop light Thursday.

It started around 7 a.m. CST when two vehicles were heading north on Circle Drive.

The driver of one car was allegedly making threatening gestures to the driver of the other and followed him when he turned off onto Warman Road, a witness said.

At a stop light, a man got out of one car and went over to the other. When the 18-year-old driver rolled down the window, he was repeatedly punched in the face.

Police said the teen received serious facial injuries and is recovering in hospital.

While the incident was going on, other men got out of both vehicles and got into an altercation.

Then everybody got back into their vehicles and drove away.

Police are now searching for two men who drove away in a '90s model, white Chevy Cavalier with a black spoiler on the back and scoops on the hood and roof of the car.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Saskatoon Police Service at 975-8300 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.

The incident happened the day after a woman driving a car was allegedly struck in the face by a man downtown.

In that case, the man allegedly cut the woman off while making a turn and then, when both vehicles had stopped, he allegedly hit her in the face. He's been charged with assault.

Police are asking drivers to allow space between themselves and the vehicles traveling in front of them, and to be courteous with other drivers.