You've probably shopped online for concert tickets or clothing, but how about groceries?

The Real Canadian Superstore on Prince of Wales Drive in east Regina is now offering online grocery shopping, which it calls Click and Collect.

"Busy moms and dads, for example, are just looking for convenient ways to shop without necessarily devoting an hour plus to going into the store," said Lauren Steinberg, director of e-commerce marketing for Loblaw Companies Ltd. 

Here's how the Click and Collect program works:

  • Customers place grocery orders online, among the 20,000 items available online
  • Superstore staff collect the items and customers choose a pickup time
  • The groceries are brought to the customer's vehicle at designated parking spots
  • Customers are charged three to five dollars, depending on the time of pickup
Real Canadian Superstore on Prince of Wales Drive, Regina

The Real Canadian Superstore on Prince of Wales Drive in east Regina is offering online groceries. (Google Street View)

"Superstores are huge and it takes time to navigate. Some like it. But others with busy schedules, kids, jobs, are looking for ways to save time," Steinberg said.

"This service allows them to spend more time with their families. They can be in their home and office and grocery shop from their tablet in much less time than being in the store".

Superstore customer Carol Kadash said she's retired and has time to shop, but she thinks the Click and Collect program is something her daughter would like.

"I think it's a good idea. Families are so busy these days, especially if they're working full-time. And raising kids. I told my daughter about it. I think she'll love it," Kadash said.

Sixty Loblaws supermarkets in five provinces offer the Click and Collect service, Steinberg said.

Regina is the first city in the province to offer it, but the online grocery service will soon be available at two Saskatoon Superstores.

A customer can place an order anywhere from 4 hours in advance to two weeks in advance.

"Guaranteed, you'll get the freshest items on the floor," Steinberg said. 

"We store them in our staging area for Click and Collect specifically which has temperature controlled zones. Whether it's a rotisserie chicken, fresh produce, frozen pizza. When you get delivered to your vehicle, it's fresh."

Loblaws is not offering home delivery of groceries, but that's an option for the future, Steinberg said.