A storm system that blew through Saskatchewan late in the day Thursday led to some flash flooding of some streets.

The full extent of the severe weather was not immediately known, however there were reports of several power outages in different parts of the province.

Underpasses in Regina and Saskatoon were also challenged by the downpour.

The underpass at Saskatchewan Drive and Albert Street flooded in Regina. It was a similar story at an underpass on the Idylwyld Freeway in Saskatoon.

The storm caused power outages for about an hour in some parts of Regina. There were other power outages, across the province. SaskPower crews should be able to resolve all the power failures by 1 a.m. CST Friday.

fnuc grounds

The grounds at First Nations University in Regina took a wallop from the storm. The site is set up for cultural activities of the North American Indigenous Games. (CBC)

Environment Canada was predicting nasty weather and issued a number of cautionary warnings as the day progressed.

Some areas were told to brace for strong winds, intense thunderstorms.

There were no reports of tornadoes and warnings about possible tornadoes were ended early Thursday evening.