A national sports journalist says a growing number of Saskatchewan Roughriders fans have become spoiled by success and are behaving like "arrogant twerps".

Malcolm Kelly, who writes for CBC Sports, shared his views about a change in attitude of Rider faithful in an opinion piece published Thursday.

Kelly said for years the Roughriders, and their fans, were the lovable losers of the CFL. Not so, anymore.

"I can't remember a time when more people outside of the Land of Flat ... have been so annoyed with everything to do with the Green and White," Kelly wrote.

"There are still nice Rider fans around, of course, but also a growing number of arrogant twerps lurking on fan sites, hanging out at games, butting into bars and populating the bottom of this column," Kelly added. The last reference pertains to the 'comments' section of CBC online.

Kelly goes on to say the change in attitude signals that the Riders are now a team to be reckoned with.

"A big dog," he wrote. "Nothing cute about these guys. Put your hand down to pat them and you might have it chewed off."

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