Students in Saskatchewan, who participated in a parallel vote aimed at learning more about the electoral process, made similar choices in the provincial election Monday.

The organization Student Vote signed up over 20,000 students from 285 schools across the province prior to election day.

The students then cast ballots, choosing from the same list of candidates running in the Saskatchewan campaign.

"They resoundingly chose Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party to remain in power for the next four years," organizers of the vote announced Tuesday. The students elected a Saskatchewan Party majority government, with an NDP opposition.

The students, however, awarded slightly fewer seats to the Saskatchewan party, 45. The students selected NDP candidates to win in 13 constituencies.

In the genuine election, the Saskatchewan Party won 49 seats to the NDP's nine.

Unlike Saskatchewan's voting adults, the students chose to keep NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter in the legislature, he won his Regina Douglas Park riding.

In addition to casting ballots, students participating in the classroom exercise took on the roles of returning officers and poll clerks.

The student voting followed a series of school activities where students learn about political parties, platforms and local candidates.

Student Vote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that aims to build the capacity and commitment of young Canadians to participate in their democracy.

The organization has been running parallel elections since 2003.