Students at University of Regina are being encouraged to vote in the federal election.

jason gagnon

Jason Gagnon is a vice-president with the University of Regina Students' Union. (CBC)

The U of R Student's Union (URSU) noted that only 39 per cent of young people voted in the last federal election.

On Wednesday URSU held a mock election, an event to spur interest in voting.

"Politicians are really smart and they know their voter base and they're going to be targeting the voter base," Jason Gagnon, a vice president of URSU, said. "When young people do not vote, [politicians] are not going to spend any time trying to get them to vote and talk about issues that really matter to us."

URSU also provided information on how to take part in the election and invited students to sign a pledge promising they will vote Oct. 19.

"We have more ways to follow election campaigns than ever before and more ways to vote no matter where we are," Devon Peters, the president of URSU noted.

The students' union has been active with a Get Out and Vote program on campus.