A report suggesting the quality of the education program at Miller High School in Regina does not compare to another school — LeBoldus — has Miller students jumping to defend their school.

It comes as Regina's Catholic school division considers moving a French immersion program from LeBoldus to MIller.
LeBoldus is in Regina's south end and is approaching capacity. Miller is located in a core neighbourhood and is two-thirds empty.

According to a published report, some LeBoldus parents are upset about the possible program transfer to Miller, suggesting Miller may not be academically suitable for their children.

It is an observation Miller students have heard before.

"I think it's the area it's located in," Jolene Lennox, a Miller student, told CBC News Tuesday. "This area kind of has a bad rep as well."

Miller High School regina

Students at Miller High in Regina were quick to respond to some bad press about their school. (CBC)

Another Miller student, Kyle Dedecker, agreed with that assessment.

"I think a lot of people judge Miller based on the area of Miller," Dedecker said. "I think they perpetuate those stereotypes on the students. I think they base the education that people get in Miller based off of those stereotypes."

Miller students were also quick to express confidence in their academic program.

"I've gone to Miller for three years," Mason Sliva said. "I don't see any flaws at the school. It's the exact same education as all the other schools."

Another student suggested people get more information before jumping to conclusions about the quality of education at Miller.

"Inside our walls we know what's going on," Selena Reves said. "They don't."

Isabel Gemmell attended Miller as a student, has children who went to the school and now works there.

Gemmell, too, is familiar with the criticisms.

"Other people don't want their kids around problems that they think Miller has," Gemmell said. "[But] we have no different problems than any other school."

An official from the Catholic school division was also adamant that Miller is on par with all schools in the area.

"The educational program offered at all of our schools is quality," Noah Wernikowski said. "Any statement otherwise is inaccurate."

A final decision has not been made about the location of the LeBoldus French immersion program.

With files from CBC's Dean Gutheil