A Regina student leader says he did everything he could when he learned he was the victim of forgery.

Kent Peterson told CBC News that he learned, in a phone call from a bank, that his signature had been forged on a cheque for an account containing student funds.

Peterson and one other person, Haanim Nur, had signing authority.

Peterson, who was a member of the executive of the Canadian Federation of Students, in Regina, and also with the University of Regina Students' Union,  told CBC News that Nur could not explain what happened and he acted swiftly to close the account.

"I called back the bank and I said freeze it. Freeze the account, " Peterson said. "No money in, no money out. Because this one cheque issue is enough to put the brakes on until we get all the information here."

Nur has said she took some money while she was vice-president of finance with the University of Regina Students' Union earlier this year, according to reports in a campus newspaper. She went on to become president of URSU, but has stepped down.

Peterson said he has not reported what happened to police, but he has thought about it.

With files from CBC's Geoff Leo