A case of Tuberculosis has been confirmed in a student at a Regina Catholic elementary school.

Now, a few dozen people at St. Augustine Community School have to be tested for the disease.

The Catholic School Board says it was approached by Tuberculosis Prevention and Control, saying a student had tested positive.

The board provided contact information of people with whom the student may have come into contact, and the organization then notified their families for testing.

The organization sent letters to the parents of nearly 450 students, notifying them of the situation.

Only about 70 people, including staff and students, were in close, repeated contact with the infected student. The school board says any potential exposure would likely have happened in June.

The staff and students who were in close proximity with the infected student will be tested next week.

The Catholic School Board says the situation is rare, but not unheard of. The last case was about five years ago.