A replica of a car that was designed to run on methane gas generated by straw has been built to display Saskatchewan's history of ingenuity — and early thoughts on alternative fuels — at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.

The vehicle is based on designs created in 1916 and uses a large balloon of methane, suspended above the car, as a fuel.

Museum officials say there was a prototype that actually rolled through the streets of Saskatoon more than 90 years ago.

Ruth Bitner, curator for the WDM, explained that while the original did work, the technology of the day could not produce a fuel source that lasted for very long.

"As your gas bag empties, you don't have much fuel left," Bitner said.  "Apparently it stalled on its inaugural run."

"It shows that back in the 'teens, people were looking at ways of doing things differently," she added.