Strange-acting coyotes euthanized in Saskatoon

Two coyotes that wandered into a couple of residential areas of Saskatoon — and which appeared to be acting strangely — have been euthanized, police say.

Two coyotes that wandered into a couple of residential areas of Saskatoon — and which appeared to be acting strangely — have been euthanized, police say.

One animal was spotted around the noon hour Friday near a school on Russell Road and Lenore Drive.

"Officers at the scene determined there was a safety risk to the public as the coyote was exhibiting unusual behaviour, which may have been consistent with the effects of disease," police said in a news release issued later on Friday. "They were unable to trap the coyote and it was destroyed by officers at the scene."

A short time later, another coyote was seen at Avenue K and 20th Street West.

"This coyote was also exhibiting unusual behaviour," police said.

In that case, animal control officer were able to trap the animal and it was taken away to be euthanized.

Police said the animals would be examined for disease.

They added anyone who sees a coyote in city limits exhibiting unusual behaviour should contact police.