A 68-year-old man is dead following a multi-vehicle crash in Regina that police say involved a stolen pickup truck.

The crash happened around 12:30 p.m. CST near the corner of Park Street and Arcola Avenue on the city's east side.

Two of the vehicles were pickup trucks with one of them a suspected stolen vehicle.

Park Street and Arcola Avenue, Regina SK

A number of people fled from one of the trucks. Police arrested two suspects.

Initially, police said they thought a third person may have run from the scene but their investigation led them to conclude that was not the case.

According to police, just minutes before the crash other drivers were calling police to report dangerous driving in the area.

Police said two other vehicles were also involved in the crash, but the worst damage was to the pickup trucks.

They said the suspected stolen vehicle, a Dodge truck, was believed to be speeding when it broadsided a Ford Ranger that had just entered an intersection on Park Street.

The collision sent the Ford Ranger into two other vehicles which were stopped at the intersection. The people in those vehicles were treated by EMS at the scene for minor injuries.

The Dodge truck carried on through the intersection and finally came to a stop on Arcola Avenue.

Two people, both males, were apprehended by police, in the area, a short time later. 

Police said they have confirmed the identity of the man who died and were notifying his family.