Regina dog kijiji

A dog that was sold for $20 on a downtown Regina street Saturday is back with its proper owner after the purchaser sensed a scam. (Kijiji)

A Regina dog is back with its proper owner after it was apparently stolen and then sold to a family that figured something was amiss.

The dog was being offered for sale by three young girls on a downtown street in Regina, on Saturday.

A passerby thought it was an odd thing to be doing and asked the sellers a few questions. The girls did not seem to know much about the dog, including its name.

The woman decided to take the dog home and offered the girls $20. They took the money and the woman took the dog and quickly posted an ad on the website Kijiji.

"We wanted to make sure he was taken care of so we bought him, thinking there is someone out there that lost their dog or their dog was stolen," the ad said. "We have him at home and are willing to bring him back to you."

The ad caught the attention of many people and before long the Regina Humane Society was able to cross-reference details on the dog and and get in touch with the true owner.

It turns out the dog had somehow been taken from or got out of a well-fenced yard.

Daryl Chernoff's family was happy to deliver the dog to the true owner on Monday.

"My wife [who had placed the Kijiji ad] had to go to work, so I went and met up with her, got the dog, let the kids kind of say goodbye and took him to his work place on Dewdney Avenue," Chernoff said. "We were able to meet up and it was his dog. It was clearly his dog."

The owner offered the family a reward, but the Chernoffs declined.