Some Good Samaritans with steel-toed boots came to the rescue Thursday after a semi rolled on the Trans-Canada Highway near Regina.

The crash happened about a kilometre east of White City, shortly after 6 a.m. CST.

Jill Leduchowski was on the road with three companions when she saw the headlights of the semi rolling around. The big rig ended up in the ditch.

"We quickly slammed on the brakes and ran over," Leduchowski told CBC's Morning Edition.

The doors of the semi couldn't be opened, so they kicked out the windshield.

"It took three of us kicking quite hard," she said. "We all have steel-toed boots. We took turns kicking it out."

Inside the semi were two men, a driver and a passenger. They pulled them out of the truck and carried them to safety.

One of the men was covered with blood and had suffered what appeared to be a serious head injury, she said. He was drifting off to sleep, but Leduchowski said her cousin tried to keep him awake.

An ambulance arrived 10-15 minutes after they called 911 and the two men were taken to hospital.

Leduchowski said what she and her companions did was nothing that anyone else wouldn't do. She says she once was in a truck accident herself. She says she was grateful that people came to help.

Later on Thursday, RCMP noted that a total of five people were involved in the rescue effort and providing comfort to the people in the semi.

Police added that the passenger in the semi, a 27-year-old man, was examined at the hospital in Regina and found to be uninjured. He was released from hospital on Thursday.

They said the driver, 27, suffered non life-threatening injuries and would be in hospital overnight, and he was expected to be released on Friday morning.

The semi was hauling electronic equipment.