Saskatchewan Transportation Company received a $10.5 million operating subsidy from the provincial government in 2013. (CBC)

Bus ridership is down at Saskatchewan Transportation Company and the public subsidy is up, according to the 2013 annual report this week.

STC's latest financial statements were tabled in the legislature on Monday.

The Crown-owned bus company cut three routes to save money last year, but it still required an operating grant of $10.5 million from the government to balance its books. That's up from $9.2 million the year before.

It also received a capital grant of $3.5 million (2012: $2.3 million) for upgrades to existing buildings.

Meanwhile, although Saskatchewan's population may be booming, that's not translating into more people riding the bus.

STC carried 276,113 passengers last year, compared to 282,119 in 2012. That a drop of 2.1 per cent.