Stargazers at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park are getting a new observatory.

The complex at the park in Saskatchewan's southwest, which includes two telescopes, is holding an official opening on Thursday.

The project also includes a classroom to teach students about the night sky, said Gerald Gartner, one of the volunteers who spent years making the observatory a reality.


The observatory and classroom will be officially opened on Thursday at 3 p.m. CST. (Government of Saskatchewan)

"If you have 60 children out there looking, you can't have enough telescopes for them all," Gartner said. "So this way, we have one big telescope that will be piped in to a classroom that has a big screen."

Plans are underway for the extension of the existing astronomy education programs as well as an astronomer-in-residence program.

The park has long been a popular destination for those interested in astronomy because it's far from city lights and allows clear views of the stars and planets.

The observatory is located next to the Dark Sky campground.

The unveiling Thursday afternoon is being held in conjunction with the 15th annual Saskatchewan Summer Star Party, which the province says draws tourists from around North America and Europe.