As fire crews continue to fight a fire near the northern community of Stanley Mission, hundreds of evacuees are able to return home.

Rain and cooler temperatures have helped the firefighters get a handle on the fire, allowing the community to lift its evacuation order.

The province says the smoke is no longer a health risk to the people of Stanley Mission, but evacuees with possible health risks will be kept out of the community for an extra day.

People who left in their own vehicles were able to return home last night, and another 250 people being sheltered in Saskatoon will return by bus throughout the day on Tuesday.

Steve Robertson from the the department of the environment says fire crews will continue to work on the fire for at least the next two days, but stressed the fire is no closer to the community.

Flames are also a good distance away from Stanley Mission’s only access road, which is no longer in danger.

The ‘Stanley Mission fire’ actually consists of a number of fires burning an area, which spans about 7900 hectares.