Jordan Hendry gave residents of a Nokomis seniors home a close encounter with the Stanley Cup. ((CBC))

With the Stanley Cup in his arms, a beloved Chicago Blackhawk returned in triumph this week to his Saskatchewan hometown.

Jordan Hendry, a defenceman with the championship-winning National Hockey League team, spent Thursday and Friday showing off the glittering silver cup in Nokomis, a town of about 450 people, 133 kilometres north of Regina.

Hendry, whose team defeated the Philadelphia Flyers on June 9 to claim the cup, said he felt like a rock star carrying it around.

"It's kind of crazy the attention the Stanley Cup gets," Hendry said. "Everywhere you take it, people always want to touch it and take photos."

About 1,000 people turned out at the local community hall for a banquet and a peek at the cup, including many friends and relatives. Hendry also took the cup to a local senior's home.

For a few moments, after posing with the cup,  96-year-old Albert Edwards was a kid again.

"Fantastic, eh?" Edwards said. "Hard to believe. I didn't think it would come here but it did."

Among those who came out was Ursula Nichol, who has known the 26-year-old Hendry since he was a baby.

"Oh, we're so proud here in Nokomis," Nichol said. "It's out of this world."

Every summer, each member of the winning team is allowed to have the cup for a few days so they can bring it to their hometown.

Hendry planned on spending the rest of the day with family. After that, the cup goes to another Blackhawk and another community.

"I'll be heartbroken," Hendry said. "I'd like to keep it here as long as I can, but hopefully I'll have few years left in the league and I'll have a chance to win it again."