A standoff at Regina's Coachman Motor Inn has ended after officers discovered the room they targeted for six hours Monday morning was empty.

Police are still searching for two potential suspects they believe were involved in an overnight stabbing in Creelman, Sask. located in the Fillmore District that put a 42-year-old man in hospital.

The intersecton at Victoria Avenue and Wallace Street has been re-opened to traffic.

People from the motel that had been evacuated early Monday morning have now been allowed to return to their rooms.

According to a CBC News reporter near the hotel, officers were carrying large rifles and the police canine unit was at the scene.

Witnesses told CBC police came to the motel at about 3:30 a.m. CST Monday and arrested a man in one of the rooms.

Rusty Smith who was also staying in one of the rooms says he heard "a huge crash and bang" followed by "get on the ground" when police got to the motel.

One witness said the motel owner had checked-in two people at separate times late Sunday night. The witness told CBC police focused on a room in the southwest corner of the motel.

People at the Coachman Motor Inn were told to leave their rooms at 6:30 a.m. CST. Some got a loud knock on their door and were confronted by police with pistols drawn.

"They phoned me, told me to get dressed and come out with my hands up and then the cops would redirect me," said Smith. "When I came down the stairs there was a shotgun and two pistols pointed at me."

Smith said officers told him to go to a nearby doughnut shop and wait there. He has since returned to his motel room.