A builder has been selected for Regina's new football stadium, the city said Thursday. The builder — but not the design — will be announced Friday.

The three shortlisted companies are:

  1. Bouygues Construction Graham Community Partners
  2. Clark Builders – Turner Construction
  3. PCL Construction Management

The city said the announcement will specifically exclude any details about the procurement process, the proposals of the three companies, and any "design drawings or other details regarding the project."

The city official who has been leading the stadium project, Brent Sjoberg, has said in the past that announcements about the design would be made by the builder.

The city has also said that the final design may not look like some of the concept images that have been released as the stadium project has moved along.

"It is important to emphasize that the final design received from the RFP process may be different than how it is portrayed in the conceptual design," the city said in one report. "However a list of mandatory requirements will be developed for the RFP, based on this concept design."

The city has also insisted the builder provide "an on-time and on-budget project".

The budget, for construction, is $278 million. The overall cost for the stadium, over 30 years, is $664 million, according to figures from the city.

Friday's announcement is set for 11 a.m. at city hall.

skpic stadium costs

According to the City of Regina, the new stadium will cost $664 million dollars over 30 years. (City of Regina)