A 21-year-old Regina man who stabbed a teenager at a party near Regina Beach— the same party where another young man was killed— is off to jail after receiving a three-year sentence.

"Please forgive me. I'm really sorry for what I did," Scott Robert Nelson said in court Wednesday, directinghis apology to the victim, Derek Enns.

Nelson pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and other offences last month.
Court heard he stabbed Enns, 18,several times in the stomach during a brawl at the party near Regina Beach on Last Mountain Lake on May 20, 2006. Enns was hospitalized.

Another man, 19-year-old Misha Pavelick, was stabbed to death at the party. It wasn't explained in court how or if the two stabbings were connected.

No one has been charged inPavelick'sdeath.

Although Nelson's lawyer argued for a community sentence, the Crown said the severity of the offence warranted time behind bars.

Provincial court Judge Carol Snell agreed, pointing out that Enns almost died from his injuries.

Following normal court practice, Snell gave Nelson double credit for the time he has already spent behind bars, leaving 16 months in the sentence.