Spring worst time for litter in Regina, city says

The city is upset about the amount of litter around Regina.
Charmaine Newfeld from the City of Regina's Park Maintenance department says spring is the worst time of year for litter.

The City of Regina is fed up with litter bugs.

According to Charmaine Newfeld, who works in the Parks Maintenance department, the city spends close to a $250,000 each year on clean-up.

“Spring is usually the worst time of the year because it's accumulated over the winter months. And when the snow melts, we see it all,” Newfeld said.

Clean-up crews began picking up litter around the city at the end of March. They typically start when the weather is good and ground is dry. 

Main thoroughfares, shopping malls and the routes to the landfill typically see the most litter, Newfeld said.

But Regina police say the litter bylaw is hard to enforce and only handed out three tickets last year.

Fines for littering start at $50 if an officer observes someone littering on foot, but goes up to $150 if you litter from your car.

Newfeld thinks the growing size of the city may be part of the problem, adding clean up is taking longer than it has in the past.

"There are more people, more construction and more trips to the landfill in Regina than ever before," she said.