Spring thaw reveals Saskatoon streets littered with potholes

The melting snow is starting to uncover a mess on many Saskatoon streets.
After the harsh winter potholes on Saskatchewan streets are expected to be worse than usual this year. The CBC's Peter Mill has the story. 1:51

The melting snow is starting to uncover a mess on many Saskatoon streets.

The cold weather and heavy snowfall of this past winter appear to have taken their toll on Saskatoon's infrastructure, as some old roads are starting to crumble.

Officials say they're expecting potholes to be worse than usual this spring.

"The overall condition and age of our roadway network is very susceptible to freeze, thaw and pothole conditions, along with the amount of water we are having on the roadways," said  Mike Gutek, manager of infrastructure services for the City of Saskatoon.

Councillors in the city have already started to receive complaints about potholes around the city.

The city has increased the number of crews working on potholes this year from four to eight.

Gutek says workers often have to repair the same pothole more than once a season.

"It's not a question of just fixing it once, stuff reappears and reappears," he said. "So finding that magic balance between the overall condition and the amount of horsepower we need for potholes."

It will still be a few weeks before crews can start fixing potholes — the streets are just too wet.

The city advises people to call in to report troublesome potholes.