Many people across the province were outdoors this weekend enjoying the long-awaited spring weather. Temperatures climbed into the double digits in both Regina and Saskatoon Saturday, with many people wearing shorts and enjoying the sunshine on patios.

Saskatoon's Suzie McShannock was celebrating the warm day with her family. She said being able to play soccer outside had a positive impact on her kids.

"Running around and smiling," said McShannock. "Definitely a lot happier. It feels like we've been unlocked from being in prison for a while. Even our dog was smiling today, I think, when we went for a walk," she added.

Skateboarders were also embracing the spring weather.

"I woke up, realized I could be shirtless and just skate and it's flippin' awesome," said Iliajah Pidskalny. "The first day that it's finally not winter. Officially. To me."

The weather is expected to cool down a bit on Monday, but will warm back up later in the week.