Spray-painted tributes to K.C. Holgate were seen at a Regina skateboard park on Monday. (CBC)

Friends of a 17-year-old Regina student who died in a skateboarding accident last week gathered Monday at the skateboard park he loved to say their goodbyes.

Keith Carter Holgate, known as K.C., suffered a head injury after falling from his skateboard in the north end of the city on Friday night. Police said he may have been allowing himself to be pulled along by a vehicle before he fell.

His friends and fellow students at Winston Knoll Collegiate have flooded his Facebook page with condolences and on Monday some were saying farewell with spray paint.

Among them was Brandon Dumaine, who was at the skateboard park and wrote "R.I.P. KC" on the cement in big, orange letters.

"This is just a shout out to K.C.," he said. "We love you ... from everybody, buddy."

Some students sat in a circle talking about Holgate's wit, his charm and his love for macaroni and cheese.

Other sat alone, skateboards in hand, to quietly remember their friend.

"He was out here every single day tearing it up, skating, doing what he loved to do," Dumaine said.

"Pretty much everybody just came out here to pay their respects to them, to show him how much we really love him and how much he really touched us and our lives."

Holgate was supposed to graduate in two weeks and had plans to become an electrician.

"He just made everyone laugh and made everyone smile," his girlfriend Toni Morris said. "He's the funniest guy I knew, just an amazing guy. Everyone will remember him. We're all getting tattoos, everything's spray painted... we're never going to forget him."

Holgate's funeral is on Wednesday. His family has set up a scholarship fund in his memory.