Two Saskatchewan men who spent 24 hours zipping around a frozen lake in a snowmobile believe they have set a world record.

Nathan Hudye and Nolan Nykolaishen took turns riding on an oval track on Madge Lake last weekend and by the end of their run they had logged 2040 miles (3283 kilometres).

That breaks the previous one-day record by over 600 miles (966 km), although they'll have to submit proof of their accomplishment to Guinness World Record officials before they can be certified as the new record-holders.

Hudye said although they were happy their run was a success, the pace they set left them tired and sore.

The average speed for the 24 hours was around 85 mph (137 kmh), although at times the top speed hit 105 mph (169 kmh), he said.

"Being out there for that amount of time, riding that know there's parts of your body that start to hurt pretty good," Hudye said.

Madge Lake is inside Duck Mountain Provincial Park in east-central Saskatchewan, a few kilometres west of the Manitoba border.