Southwestern Sask. gets worst of winter storm

Southern Saskatchewan got hit by a winter storm Monday, but Regina escaped the worst of it.

Extra: 10 things you need for a cold weather car emergency kit

Although the southwest was hit by a storm Monday, Regina and Saskatoon got off relatively easy. (CBC)

What's in your winter survival kit?

With a storm bearing down on Saskatchewan today, it's a good time to make sure some emergency basics are packed away in the trunk.
Here are 10 items that should be in your car:

1. A tow rope and some jumper cables. 
2. An emergency warning light, with a coloured light.
3. Flashlight.
4. Candle in a deep can and matches.
5. Food that won't spoil, such as energy bars. 
6. Water in small plastic bottles (a big jug might take too long to thaw).
7. Blankets, extra clothes, warm socks. 
8. A small shovel. 
9. A bag of sand, salt or non-clumping kitty litter for some traction.
10. A charged cell phone.

Source: Environment Canada

Southern Saskatchewan got hit by a winter storm Monday, but Regina escaped the worst of it.

Saskatoon also got off relatively easy, although the wind there gusted as high as 60 kilometres per hour at times.

Meanwhile, the southwestern part of the province was hit the hardest, as an intense storm system moved in from Alberta.

"Snow is right on your doorstep right now," said Danielle Fingland, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, at 7:30 Monday morning.

"Things should be deteriorating as the day progresses and definitely by this afternoon the winds should be picking up and the visibility very poor."

Even before the sun came up Monday, conditions on the west side of the province were not good for motorists.

The Highways Ministry reported that travel was not recommended around Swift Current due to reduced visibility, ice, snow and slippery sections.

Similar warnings were issued for the highways around Maple Creek. Travel was not recommended due to ice-covered conditions, swirling snow and drifting snow.

Later in the day, however, the travel-not-advised warning was removed from Swift Current.

People were being advised to check the Highway Hotline before heading out.

Early Monday, there was a report of a semi-truck jackknifed on Highway 11 near Craik.

Tow trucks were on the scene and one southbound lane was open.

Police said the highway was cleared by 5 a.m.

Monday's incident follows a weekend of treacherous highway conditions around Saskatchewan due to ice, snow and fog.

Dozens of vehicles were in a collision near Maymont that sent some 40 people to hospital. None of the injuries were serious.


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