skpic RCMP truck fire

An RCMP truck from the Southend detachment was a total loss following a fire. (Courtesy: RCMP)

A police truck burned to a crisp early Thursday morning, likely due to an electrical problem, RCMP say.

The truck was parked between the homes of officers from the Southend RCMP detachment.

Early on Thursday morning, a neighbour noticed the truck was on fire and ran to one of the homes and pounded on the door.

The officers quickly got to the fire and put it out, using fire extinguishers and shovelling snow onto the truck to douse the flames.

The alert action of the neighbour prevented any damage to the homes and no one was hurt.

The RCMP truck, however, is a complete loss.

The cause of the fire appears to be electrical, RCMP said, adding there were no no indications of foul play.