Erik Herlen, 10, died Tuesday after being struck by a bus. ((

A grieving Saskatoon father is urging motorists to be a little more careful, following the death of his son who was hit by a bus while walking to school Tuesday morning.

"Pay a bit more attention," Bryan Herlen told CBC News Thursday. "Perhaps ... another parent will not have to go through this."

Herlen said he was moved to speak publicly because he did not want his boy, Erik Herlen, 10, to become a forgotten statistic.

"I didn't want my son to be another nameless person that's here today, gone tomorrow," Herlen said. "He may have been capable of great things. He certainly had great dreams."

The boy's dad said his son was an enthusiastic fan of Star Wars and dreamed of becoming a game designer, possibly for Lucas Arts.


The incident happened near the corner of 33rd Street West and Faulkner Crescent. ((CBC))

A funeral for the youngster is set for Saturday.

Police were still investigating the boy's death and have not said if the driver of the bus was speeding when the youngster was hit.

They have reported that the was in the crosswalk and the yellow bus, which was carrying passengers on their way to work, turned the corner and struck him.

Residents of the area told CBC News they believe the intersection is dangerous because of the high volume of traffic.

Some noted the sun had just come up when the boy was hit and that may have blinded the bus driver.