Campbell Collegiate skpic

Campbell Collegiate in south Regina is one of the schools that may have to limit how many students attend from other areas of the city. (Google Street View)

The sometimes touchy subject of who can attend a particular high school was being talked about Tuesday night at the Regina Public School Board's annual meeting.

Generally, the system wants most students to attend the collegiate in the area where they live.

But some families want their children to go to out-of-area schools, so they can play for sports teams or take arts programs that aren't available elsewhere.

Some of those parents were talking to the board Tuesday about its decision to put a cap on the number of students who can attend Campbell and Winston Knoll.

They're both big schools — Campbell has 1,600 students and Knoll has 1,100 — but they're running out of room and if they get completely full, some students who want to attend may not get their way.

Michael Schenher's daughter Lauren is in Grade 8 and wants to go to Campbell next fall.

"Her interests [are] in things like drama and music and fine arts and that type of thing," he said. "They have a very strong arts program as well as academics." 

However, because the Schenhers don't live close enough to the school, Lauren may have to go somewhere else.

Darcy Moen, whose son Skylar will attend Campbell next year, said he understands the population limit.

"We've got only so many desks and way too many bums to go in 'em," Moen said. "We can't stack 'em six deep in the desks."

The school board says it will accept enrolment applications until April 15 and then decide how many students it will allow into Campbell and Winston Knoll this fall.