It's not easy trying to find a place to park close to the Regina General Hospital. (Google Street View)

An ongoing parking shortage at the Regina General Hospital is pitting employees and visitors against people who live in the neighbourhood.

There's limited space at the hospital parking lot, with an eight-year waiting period for a spot, so people end up parking on the street.

But that's where area residents park their cars, too.

For people like nurse Tenneille Wendel, that means scouring the streets for a place to park close to work.

"It's just packed right ... it's just jam packed," she said. "You search for an all-day parking spot and if you can't find one of those, which usually you can't, you're forced to park in two-hour parking and usually end up getting a ticket."

Visitors have a tough time too. Several people CBC spoke to described the parking situation as "terrible" or "a joke" and said they had to drive around the neighbourhood in circles looking for a spot.

Area residents like Nat Dean, who has lived a block from the hospital for six years, uses a barricade to make sure he has a spot in front of his house. "Some nights, you gotta wait until 10 o'clock to pull out front, he said.  

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region says it's looking at options to ease the stress — including a possible park-and-ride shuttle service.

"We're taking steps to try and remedy some of the problems we have here," health region spokesman Barry Stricker said.

The city says it is aware of the parking problems in the area and it hopes to address the issue sometime next year.

Meanwhile, Teneille Wendel has started carpooling with her colleagues.