Nearly every year, snowmobile accidents claim lives in northern Saskatchewan — but a 70-year-old man from Pinehouse Lake will not be among them, thanks to the quick actions of his son and grandson.

Last week, when George Natomagan's snowmobile broke through the ice on Pinehouse Lake, he found himself trapped in the freezing water.

His 15-year-old grandson, Logan, was with him, but Logan managed to stay on the ice. The teen immediately phoned his uncle for help, then ran to the shore to get a canoe.

"I was scared. I didn't know what to do for a while," Logan said. "But then I started doing stuff and I followed what my grandpa said to me."   Soon after, Logan was back with the canoe and George's son Kelly arrived. Kelly jumped in the canoe and pulled his father out of the freezing water.

They raced to a nearby cabin, breaking open the door and stoking the fire to warm George up. Kelly said he was worried his father wouldn't make it, as George had been in the water for almost an hour.

"I almost started crying," Kelly said. "I lost hope, and when he moved his head, I was happy to see him move."

Other than a few bruises, George has made a full recovery. His family wants him to stay off the ice for a few more days.

However, George wants to go back out and get his snowmobile out of the water, Kelly said.