Deschambeault Lake, SK

A man who police believe eluded their attempts to stop him on suspicion of operating a snowmobile while impaired has been found dead, RCMP say.

According to RCMP, the 43-year-old man was found by his brother on Saturday around 7 p.m. CST. The brother had set out to look for the man and discovered him about 15 kilometres outside of Deschambault Lake, Sask. The dead man's snowmobile had broken through thin ice and was submerged in the lake.

No name was released.

Police said the man who died was very likely the same person they had pursued on Friday.

They said someone phoned to complain that a snowmobile appeared to be operated by someone who was impaired.

Officers patrolled the community and, according to police, actually attempted to stop the snowmobile operator but were not able to do so.

An RCMP spokesman said it is very difficult to stop snowmobile operators if they take off cross-country, leaving police cruisers behind, limited to grid roads.

Police said the case is being treated as a sudden death investigation and would be examined by the province's coroner.