The government of Saskatchewan will not consider making winter tires mandatory.

In some other jurisdictions, the arrival of winter weather means drivers must install snow tires.

But Saskatchewan's minister responsible for the car insurance corporation is not convinced mandating snow tires would reduce collisions.

"There is no silver bullet. There is no add on to a car that you can bolt on and make it safe," Tim McMillan told CBC News Friday. "It's only the driver, he or she, that can make a vehicle safe."

The question of mandatory snow tires has become a regular topic around this time of year.

Regina police, in the last 24 hours, responded to more than 36 collisions related to slippery road conditions.

"There's no substitute for safe driving," the minister added. "There's many things you can do to make your cars safer. Winter tires is one of those things that people can do and if that's a choice people make, that's great."

McMillan pointed out that vehicles with four wheel drive systems can also improve traction, but that does not mean everyone must drive a four-by-four.