Regina plans to get snow clearing equipment into residential areas, starting Thursday. ((John Weidlch/CBC))

The cities of Regina and Saskatoon — both hit by a fierce winter storm on the weekend — have very different policies when it comes to plowing residential areas: Regina will, Saskatoon will not.

"There is no plan at this time to clear residential areas," a media release from the city of Saskatoon said on Wednesday. It noted that snow plows had cleared the way on the city's freeways and major roads and was just beginning to start work on bus routes.

Saskatoon was using its own equipment and contractors to deploy a total of 23 graders and 14 other pieces of snow removal equipment.

Regina, in contrast, reported Wednesday that its snow crews had completed all priority areas and was moving to residential neighbourhoods starting Thursday morning.

It said work would continue through the weekend.

"Residential ploughing is being implemented systematically to ensure city services can resume to normal," the release said.

The first neighbourhoods to see graders will be those in Regina's southeast and southwest.

Parking tickets forgiven

Saskatoon also announced Wednesday that people who received parking tickets on Monday and Tuesday for leaving vehicles in designated snow routes would not have to pay.

Anyone who already paid the fine would get a refund.

There was an exception: if a vehicle was ticketed and towed out of the snow route, the penalty would not be cancelled.

Regina does not have a bylaw to restrict parking on some streets after a snowfall.

However, Regina was encouraging citizens to remove parked vehicles from streets to help the snow clearing effort.