Tall mounds of snow, especially near intersections, are presenting new challenges for winter-weary drivers in Regina.

The city, which has experienced unprecedented snow fall amounts this winter, has been clearing streets with heavy equipment which can lead to significant piles.

"You get into an intersection and you're trying to look around and you can't see past the snow piles," Trista Chernowsky told CBC News, about her experience with banks of snow.

The accumulated snow is also forcing many people to park their vehicles in places that may not be safe.

"It builds up on the side of the road [and] when you're parking that's kind of dangerous," Justin Gallon, another Regina motorist, said.

Chris Warren, an official with the City of Regina, told CBC News they aim to keep piles of snow under one metre in height.

However, Warren said that goal has not always been achieved and drivers need to be careful.

"Just use extreme caution while trying to get around these snow ridges," he said. "Try to make sure, obviously, there's no traffic coming and to be safe."

CBC News also contacted officials from the province's car insurance company, SGI.

They said drivers who get into an accident and try to blame a snow pile will not win the argument as motorists are expected to adjust their behaviour to take into account any hazards on the road.

Warren said the city is working to remove or trim down tall mounds of snow. Crews are working priority streets first but if there is an especially bad area that needs attention, residents can request service by contacting City Hall.

With files from CBC's Joana Draghici