A newly renovated and reopened hotel and lounge in Codette, Sask., could be the first to offer dancers who remove their clothing under the province's new stripping laws.

"We thought, hey, take advantage of this fad that might happen," Bryan Baraniski, one of the people who bought the hotel and lounge in the town, told CBC Radio host Garth Materie Tuesday.

Codette is east of Prince Albert, not far from Tisdale, Nipawin, and Carrot River.

Baraniski said he has been in the bar business for around 20 years and believes offering strippers will be a short-lived novelty.

"It will be good for the first couple of years and then I think it will kind of just go away by the wayside," he said. "That's why we wanted to be the first ones in."

Baraniski noted the hotel bar had been closed, so there is no danger of upsetting existing customers with the new format.

"It's not like we're losing any customers, we're creating new customers," he said, adding that he expects a younger crowd and will draw patrons from Codette and the other nearby towns.

The first show was set for Thursday evening, at 5:30 p.m. After that, he said the entertainers would be booked for shows every second weekend. He expected it will take a few months to determine if the shows are successful.

"It will do great for the first couple of weeks because it's new to Saskatchewan," he said.

"We just went with a company out of Regina," Baraniski explained, when asked where he found dancers.

Saskatchewan enacted new liquor laws which now allow dancers to remove much of their clothing, even in drinking establishments. Previously, strippers could only perform in places where no alcohol was served.

Performers still cannot be fully nude: women will still have to cover their nipples and full frontal nudity is not allowed.

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