Small credit card purchases costly for business owners

A new VISA campaign has some business owners in Regina upset.

A new VISA campaign that encourages people to use their credit cards for small purchases has some business owners in Regina upset, saying it means more fees for merchants.

Marilyn Braun-Pollon with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says accepting credit cards can be expensive.

"A lot of customers don't realize that when you pay with your credit cards, there's a two to three per cent charge from the transaction that merchants have to pay," said Braun-Pollon.

Leanne Bohay who owns a coffee shop in Regina says fees from small VISA purchases add up.  

"As a business when you have that volume of transaction cost coming through it's actually a very high expense to a small business," said Bohay.

Braun-Pollon's organization suggests customers pay with cash or by debit, which usually charges a flat fee of a few cents.