An elementary school in Prince Albert, Sask., has renamed "Slave Day" after a parent's complaint went public.

Slave Day was supposed to be a fundraiser pitting two Grade 7 classes against each other. The classes were competing to raise money, and the losing class was to perform a dance routine and serve ice cream to the winners.

Jessica Iron Joseph's 12-year-old son was one of the students involved and she told CBC News she could not believe it.

"It doesn't matter whether the school says it was for a good cause — the word 'slave' is too loaded," she said.

"Definitely the black role in slavery in the south and First Nations people were also involved," she said. "It just shocked me that they would make light of it."

Iron Joseph complained to the school, and then she wrote an editorial in the local newspaper, the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

The school division's education director, Robert Bratvold, said he shared her dismay.

"We're well beyond that in our system. This is a label that needs to change," he said.

The revised name for the fundraiser wasn't immediately available.

Neither Bratvold nor Iron Joseph would identify the school.