It was raining $20 bills on a rural road east of Regina Thursday but the money was from a forgotten wallet and was soon returned by a Good Samaritan.

RCMP said the tale of the airborne cash began shortly after the noon-hour when a motorist pulled into a gas bar in Emerald Park, just east of Regina.

The man used his credit card to pay and, while tending to that, placed his wallet on the edge of the trailer he was hauling.

But, after finishing his business, he forgot all about the wallet and drove away on Great Plains Road.

The wallet bounced off the trailer.

The man drove on, unaware that his wallet — which was stuffed with cash — must have burst open. The man had just returned from a shopping trip in the United States and there was over $500 in the wallet, in addition to all sorts of identification items and credit cards.

A short time later, RCMP said, another motorist saw a $20 bill hit his windshield. He pulled over and notice a swirl of U.S. and Canadian currency blowing around in the ditch.

He gathered up the cash and also found the wallet.

He took it to a nearby detachment of the RCMP where officers contacted the owner and the items were returned.

Police said the owner was extremely relieved to get his wallet back and planned to speak to the man who found it, to personally pass on his thanks.