Dogs and cats that have black fur are believed to be more difficult to adopt out, according to the manager of the SPCA in Prince Albert, Sask.

Debbie Lehner says 90 per cent of the animals in kennels at the shelter that are waiting to be adopted are black.

"It's a known fact that within shelters and humane societies the last animals to ever get adopted are the black cats and the black dogs," Lehner told CBC Radio Host Craig Lederhouse Thursday.

She said her shelter is sending six black-furred dogs to an animal rescue group in B.C. where she hopes the animals will eventually find homes.

Lehner said she was not able to explain why people preferred light-coloured animals.

"For whatever reason, people tend to come and look at dogs and they will buy the light-coloured dogs, and walk past black dogs and black cats," she said.

Sherry Partington, president of the Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society, said her shelter saw a plea from the Prince Albert SPCA on Facebook and decided to help out.

She said they do not have the same problem as the Prince Albert shelter when it comes to black dogs, but it is a known phenomenon.

She says people may be influenced by pictures of the animals.

"When somebody sees a dog, say on Pet Finders, all they see is a picture," she said. "And apparently black dogs do not photograph well."

Partington added people may jump to the conclusion that the animal is "not very interesting" because the picture does not give them much information.

She added that many potential pet owners are looking for puppies, because they are cute.

Partington said one of the black dogs that arrived from Prince Albert has already found a new home and there has been lots of interest in another.

"It is a process and we're really careful about who we adopt the dogs to," she said.

Partington said animal shelters in western Canada have been working together for almost a year now to move animals to different locations where they may have more success in finding homes. She said the airline WestJet has been helping out with some of the logistics.