SGI rate review hearing draws packed crowd in Saskatoon

It was standing room only at an SGI rate review hearing last night in Saskatoon. Motorcyclists were out in force.

It was standing room only at an SGI rate review hearing last night in Saskatoon. Motorcyclists were out in force. 

Weeks ago the government made the public insurance company back off its proposed 73 per cent rate increase for motorcycles. The proposal has been capped at 15 per cent this year. But some riders are still upset.

Last night there were calls for more stringent rules on licencing and training.

"SGI's numbers off the website say twenty-five per cent of all motorcycle accidents involve operators with a learner's license," said Don Fuller, co-founder of the motorcycle lobby group Riders Against Government Exploitation (RAGE). "Twenty-five per cent.  And SGI allows new motorcycle learners to operate a motorcycle on public roads and highways with no proof of testing of operational capability."

Fuller called for a tighter graduated licencing system. In his group's proposal, a licence for new learners would only permit them to ride in a training course.