A judge has ruled that time has not run out and SGI must continue to pay for the construction of a new golf clubhouse east of Regina.  

The clubhouse in Emerald Park, Sask., burned to the ground in the fall of 2011. 

SGI initially agreed to pay for the multi-million-dollar replacement. Construction got underway in the summer of last year, but the property company, Aspen Village Properties Ltd., then got a letter from SGI. 

Citing a clause in the Limitations Act, SGI decided to withhold insurance money because it had taken more than two years to complete the project.  The two sides had different interpretations on when the clock should have started running.

The property company took the issue to court and Queen's Bench Justice Dennis Ball agreed that the company did not in fact run out of time and therefore SGI should pay the money.

Emerald Park Golf Clubhouse Fire from Prairie Wave on Vimeo.