Saskatchewan Government Insurance has started tracking motorcycles in the province as part of a telematics pilot project that will attempt to take a closer look at insurance rates.

About 200 riders have volunteered to have a small black monitoring device placed on their bike.

The device records their riding habits and uploads them to a website allowing drivers to check their record online.

Cody Jordison in Regina is one of the first riders to have the tracking gadget installed on his motorcycle.

"I think this technology will save lives for new riders, I really do," Jordison told CBC News. "Statistically, you're way more likely, like 60 per cent more likely, to crash in your first six months of riding," he said.

While the program has received some opposition, with some riders calling it too restrictive, Jordison believes it could make a difference.

"Everybody knows just because you're doing two or three kilometres over the speed limit doesn't mean you should be penalized for it," said Jordison.

"If that was what this program was all about, I'd be absolutely against it. But, there is a common sense factor that's being taken into all of this, and the people collecting this data realize that there are going to be times when you're accelerating a little bit."

Jordison has only been using the program for a few weeks, but said he can already tell where he could improve.