Eleven communities in Saskatchewan, where work is needed on the sewer and water systems, will get some financial assistance from the provincial and federal governments, officials announced Friday.

According to a news release issued last week, the following towns and villages were recently approved as being eligible for aid:

  • Arcola (expanding waste water lagoon)
  • Drake (expanding waste water lagoon)
  • Kinistino (new lift station and lagoon for waste water)
  • LeRoy (new water pumping station and other works)
  • Macoun (expanding waster water lagoon)
  • Mankota (water treatment plant upgrades)
  • Muenster (sewer system upgrades)
  • Quill Lake (expanding waster water lagoon)
  • Radville (expanding waste water lagoon and other works)
  • Watrous (expanding waste water lagoon)
  • Yarbo (water treatment plant upgrades)

The federal and provincial governments are contributing a portion of the total costs estimated for each project. The communities are paying the rest.

Roughly speaking, the communities contribute about 40 per cent of the cost while the province and the federal government contribute 30 per cent each.

For years, communities in Saskatchewan have been seeking financial assistance to address a variety of infrastructure needs, relating to aging systems and population growth.

Various programs have evolved, to provide some help.

The announcement Friday concerned an initiative known as the Small Communities Fund.